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Favorite Fortune Cookies was formly a custom fortune cookies ecommerce website in business having served thousands of satisfied customers from 1999 to 2005. In the Age of Smart Phones and Mobile Apps, it is now dedicated to presenting this fortune cookie app for free to install on Android mobile phones and tablets.

May you have fun using this flavored fortune cookie app to find out your great fortune and bright future ahead. Whether about wealth, health, love, marriage, relationship, friendship, career, work, business, personality, feeling, family, or philosophical advice, this app has it all for you.

May this app not only bring you fun, luck, strength, wisdom, and happiness, but also hope it can be the guiding lamp post that would give you light and energy leading you to live a wonderful and meaningful life, for mostly importantly to be a positive contributor to society and the world at large.

Share this fortune cookie app with the people both that you know and you don't know to bring laughter, friendship, and happiness - the more the merrier.

The fortune cookies are in the five flavors as follows:

Lightly press "Show New Fortune" to crack a flavored fortune cookie to get your new fortune. Colors of the fortune cookies are different according to different fortunes.

Fortune Cookie App
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